SWTOR Credits Guide

As our guide is free community based version, information is not as specific as a paid guide. Check out WealthyHutts SWTOR Credits Guide for a complete credits guide.

SWTOR Credits Guide

Credit Symbol This SWTOR Credits Guide is based on the collaboration efforts made by the SWTOR Credits Guide Community. This SWTOR Credits Guide, written with the help from experienced players, is a free alternative that will ensure that your struggles to obtain credits are bare minimum, to none. This guide will be updated every Monday and Thursday, depending on how much information changes in the forums. If you have any suggestions, comments, feedback, tips or just any better information to add to this guide, the discussion board is found here.

SWTOR Credits Guide

So what to do at the launch of SWTOR:

There are lots of websites racing to be the first to put of guides on Leveling, Crew Skills (also called 'professions' in other MMO's), and of course, credits. Let's not forget about all the people who love being 'first' as well. How can you use this to your advantage?

When the SWTOR launches, you will have a lot of players, along with these people, who will stop at nothing to level their skills as fast as they can, leading to overpayments in credits for just about any valuable item, just to be the first to obtain top crew skills and gear. This makes it important for you to then gather and sell items as early as possible.

One thing to not forget if you want to excel in obtaining credits; Make sure you obtain your Crew Skills as soon as you arrive to your main city (sometime after level 8-9, and leaving the starter zone). Why is this important? You can only gather and obtain certain items if you have the Crew Skills for it. If you pass up on this, you will be missing out on valuable credits you may have obtained through trading and selling.

At the moment, with beta testing currently under way, these are the known methods to obtain credits in SWTOR:

  • Missions/Questing
  • Crew Skills (Crafting/Gathering/Mission Skills)
  • Galactic Trade Network (GTN)

As more players emerge with knowledge of their experience with the beta testing, all we can do at the moment is wait for the launch of the game, and let the vast majority of players who have already pre-ordered The Old Republic to come forth and contribute.


Rumored Possibilities

Gambling has been rumored to be added to SWTOR, as it was in KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic). If the rumor proves true, the possibilities provide another form of significant credits flow. Gambling can potentially be set up just advanced enough to replace acquiring credits from the Galactic Trade Network completely, for successful players who manage to grasp just the right strategy to do so. Currently however, this would be released as a future patch, and would not be released along with the game.

As our SWTOR Credits Guide is at a young stage, why not check this out instead:

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